Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How many students are in a typical Edgewood College classroom?

One of the unique features of Edgewood College is our small class sizes, typically less than 12 students in a class. This allows us to provide the necessary individual attention to each student

  • What are some of the facilities provided for Edgewood College Students?

Our day and boarding students enjoy quality education in a safe and conducive learning environment in the heart of Lekki Phase 1. We also provide transportation, healthy feeding options, healthcare and excellent accommodation.

  • What extracurricular activity does Edgewood College offer?

Our students have the opportunity to engage in sports such as swimming, football, and basketball. We also run various school clubs – Drama, JETS (engineering, science, and technology), Press, Public Speaking, Arts, Etiquette, Music and Languages

  • Which schools do your students progress to?

Our students have progressed on to University College London, University of California, Berkeley, University of Surrey, University of Victoria, Canada, University of York, Canada, and other leading universities.

  • Are your foundation programmes accepted by top universities in the United Kingdom?

Yes. We are in partnership with Abbey College, the first college to offer foundation programmes in the United Kingdom. Our students are awarded certificates that give them access to the top universities in the United Kingdom. Our Alumni have progressed on to University College London, Loughborough University, Swansea University and University of Leicester.