About Us

Edgewood College is a Christian, co-educational, Residential College committed to developing students into God-fearing and exemplary leaders.

Our aim is to partner with parents to nurture students who thrive on challenge, have great potential, are generous and show this in their willingness and attitude to serve.

We provide career guidance, mentoring and entrepreneurial development in a world-class environment, with learning, virtue and morals as our core values.

Our Vision

Delivering excellence in education through the use of cutting edge and innovative resources, to build God-fearing and exemplary leaders, equipped to thrive in their life’s journey, impact their country positively and make their mark globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver total and qualitative education in a conducive learning environment, with a natural progression to globally recognized universities. We are committed to giving our students the exposure and opportunities they need to build on their innate qualities, develop and nurture in them life skills and a culture of selfless service to their community.

Our methodology is founded on skilled, innovative and experienced tutors who will deliver the curriculum effectively as well as mentor the students to be the best that they can be for God, community and mankind.